The Devil’s Disciple Book Review

Title: The Devil’s Disciple

Author: Glenn Meade

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

Year: 2006


“No night should be so cold, no winter so white, no death so chilling.”

From that first sentence I was hooked. I’ve never read anything by Glenn Meade before, several of his books have sat in my to be read pile for months now when finally on a cold Sunday afternoon I decided it was time for a mystery thriller to invade my mind. I love a female protagonist, and the moment FBI agent Kate Moran was introduced to me I was intrigued, to then find out she had lost her husband and his daughter to a serial killer that she had been hunting for 4 years had my heart reaching out to her.

“A killer was about to die by lethal injection and I am looking forward to his execution.”

Right from the start you know this is a real human being feeling real, raw human emotion. The man she has been hunting for so long is finally going to meet his end, she feels happy, she knows she is going to get to see it happen, all the other victims’ families will finally have peace. We are then taken on a journey back to his capture from the killer’s point of view. The change in point of view is welcome, I’ve always enjoyed delving into the twisted depths of a serial killer’s mind. They call him The Disciple, he hunts primarily for father and daughter, his ammo is ritualistic double slaughters, he dismembers his victims, places a crucifix on their bodies and burns them, leaving next to no evidence. He’s clever. He’s being doing this a long time. I love the way this author writes, he keeps things moving at a good pace, much like another favourite author of mine, James Patterson. I love the shorter chapters, I feel like I read quicker and am hungry for more when chapters are shorter.

Delving into Kate’s past had my heart racing and my eyes welling up, I’m a sap when it comes to books not so much with movies though. Once I’m involved with a character I feel their every emotion and Glenn writes so well I feel like I’m there experiencing everything first hand. By chapter 17 I had an idea formed in my mind as to where this story was headed, some theories just from other books I’d read and I can tell you now; I was completely wrong. In this case I was so happy to be wrong because it was such a beautiful twist, there is nothing better than being thrown completely off by an author.

I highly recommend this novel to anyone who loves a good thriller, a little gore and unexpected twists. I loved every moment of this book and especially loved how every story was tied up neatly at the end. Bravo, Glenn Meade, Bravo.

You can find copies of Glenn’s book here: The Devil’s Disciple

Rating out of 10: 9

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