Welcome, a little about me and what to expect from this blog…

My name is Jen, i’m a 26 year old avid reader, gamer and crafty lass! It has taken me nearly a year to finally decide to start this blog, thoughts of ‘would i enjoy it? am i a good writer? will people care about my views and the things i create?’ regularly plagued me and for so long i was too anxious to take the plunge. So what changed? I decided i’m doing it for me, not for anyone else, this will be my creative outlet to the world.

My idea behind the name of my blog stems from several things, one being my absolute favourite book in the world ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’, you know the bit where Hagrid shows Harry Diagon Alley, points to a shop and says “and that’s where you get all your bits and bobs for doing your wizardry”? That was one of the scenes that has stuck with me, the awe on Harry’s face and absolute joy on Hagrid’s to be showing him his world where he truly belongs. The other reason is my favourite snack as a child my Mum called ‘Bits and Pieces’, it was just a plate of stuff she threw together, it usually had fritz, tomato, cucumber, cheese, all my favourite things essentially. And as I’ve always had such a diverse range of interests, always jumping from one thing to another, i could think of no better suited name than Bits and Books.

In this blog i intend to post book reviews across many genres, you’ll mostly see YA Fantasy, thriller/horror/murder mysteries and a little bit of supernatural romance. I am also a gamer so i will put up some reviews of games (both electronic and board games). I have various social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) you can access where i’ll keep you up to date on when a new post goes up. I’m also putting together a YouTube channel where i’ll start filming and uploading my different crafts and how-to guides. I’m hoping to get some pieces up for sale too and will start taking on commissions. I’ll also be filming some unveiling videos of Fairy-loot and Owl Crate boxes! I have fellow crafty friends that i’ll try to wrangle into special guests spots to showcase their amazing natural talents. A future goal i have is to have some author interviews up too!

I’ve created some reading challenges, i’ll be uploading my 2018 reading list and my 2018 Gamer list. One thing thing you will see fairly frequently is my adorable dog, Sparky as he tends to sneak into all the photos i try to take. Another area i am deeply passionate about is the environment and animals, all crafts i do i use cruelty free materials, most of my products are re purposed and recycled items (e.g. coconuts into coconut bowls, old wine bottles into bird feeders). One of my favourite items i make are reusable produce bags for grocery shopping using recycled fabrics. I’ll be making a bunch and putting them up on the site for you to purchase as soon as i can!

So i hope you enjoy the content i put up, i love feedback so if there’s anything you want to see, any books you’d like me to review please let me know either via my social media or my email witch is bitsandbooks92@gmail.com.

Peace, love and happy reading!

– JR xxx


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