Society of Wishes. Book Review.

Title: Society of Wishes (Wish Quartet Book One)

Author: Elise Kova and Lynn Larsh

Published: Silver Wing Press

Year: 2018

“Be Careful What You Wish For…”


I was lucky enough to stumble across this book via a Facebook reading event for it hosted by the authors. I read along with a schedule and each day the authors would post questions and select winners for prize giveaways (I won twice and received a signed magnet and a signed copy of the book!). I’d never read a book that way before and it was so hard to stick to the schedule and not read too far ahead especially because I was hooked from the very first line “It was hotter than Satan’s tit outside, but Jo wore a fleece-lined hoodie zipped all the way up to her chin, a necessity so she wouldn’t catch frostbite in the computer room’. Never have i related to a character so quickly. As a gamer myself I have spent many a night in a cold computer room with 10 layers of clothes to keep me warm. We then jump straight into the story, no muss no fuss so here is a brief overview…

Josephina Espinosa is a kick ass Latina chick, a hacker-for-hire in the Lone Star Republic, a remnant of the fractured U.S.A. Jo and her best friend, fellow hacker Yuusuke, are gunned down in a government raid and Jo makes a wish to save her friend’s life. Her grandmother had told her of magical lore, using power to summon a wish granter, Jo thought it was just fairytales, until it actually works. But all wishes have a cost and for Jo it is the erasure of her entire existence. Jo finds herself in a mansion and discovers it is called the Society of Wishes, here she must build a new life with her fellow wish-granters.

We are introduced to so many diverse and deep characters throughout the story, you really wish they each had their own book (perhaps we’ll get some prequel stories some day!). I love the way Elise and Lynn write together, they complement each other so well. Circle of Ashes (book 2) and Birth of Chaos (book 3) are now available so I’ll be delving into their magical depths soon! Definitely a book for Young Adults but the way it’s written makes it cross into Adult Fiction too. I absolutely adore the artwork used for all 3 books which were created by none other than Elise herself.

You can read Society of Wishes on Kindle Unlimited for free.

You can also find copies of the book here: Society of Wishes

Rating out of 10: 10

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